1. Ready The Lot

From the recording The Hectic

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Ready The Lot

I can’t let go. Heart break and medicine won’t replace the guts you need to win. Red son rising on flag framed in white. Aiming weapons at the brother in front of me. Now we must resist. From this bloody hole I sit now.

{Break at the fold.
Mad as you can be.
Out of control, I never wanna be.
Carry the load.
You take your medicine.
Bloody Aleutian.}

Cold wind blowing seventy and made of ice. Moving forward there’s nowhere left to go. Easy trigger pulling at my own death device. While he’s losing at the only game he knows. Life prepared to give. Phoenix born will rise again now. {Chorus}

Step aside. I’ve got this peace of mind standing on my side. I’ve never seen the face of so much resistance. I can’t believe in you. {Chorus}

Bloody Aleutian, Bloody Aleutian, Bloody Aleutian, Bloody Aleutian. Ready the lot. Kill the many.