The Hectic is a 7 pc “Texas Industrial Alt Metal” sensation described in the press as “Pantera and Slipknot meets Nine Inch Nails”. The industry took notice of the The Hectic following their self-titled ,debut release, mastered by Tom Baker (Marilyn Manson, Avenged Sevenfold, and Disturbed) The band earned the #1 spot on Reverbnation’s Houston Metal Charts and held on to it for 56 weeks running. Their album is on Pandora making “The Hectic Radio” available to 35 million listeners worldwide!

The Hectic's nominations include-  Houston radio station 94.5 Texas Buzz Awards 2010,2011,and 2012 “Best Metal Band in Texas”  And drummer,Ken Pride, nominated “Best Drummer in Texas” ! The Examiner awarded The Hectic the “- Get Your $’s Worth-Live Show-” . They constantly revise and perfect their stage, set, and show. Ever evolving and never predictable- In return The Hectic fans use their imaginations in support of the band- "The Hectic Roll" is the biggest seller at sushi hot spot Sushi Tora, and they may be the only band with their name on a race car.

In the words of legendary promoter, Chris Harkness-"...After decades in the business I don't get excited about many bands but I'm excited about The Hectic...I have done many shows in the past with industrial and metal touring bands including NIN, Ministry, Pantera, and Marilyn Manson, I would put The Hectic up with any of them - the show was that impressive...In my humble opinion, The Hectic is one of the most exciting new bands to come out of Houston since ZZ Top emerged in 1969."
This talented and celebrated ensemble is determined to work hard to continue earning the praise and support of the press, the industry, and their favorite- the fans.


Cory Simpson, Zombie Audio Tech, emerged from the deep in late Summer, 1986. He spent much of his formative years spinning his vibe on the Houston party scene. Joining the band in 2006, he currently lends a brutal other-worldliness to the killer Hectic sound, fully earning the moniker “DJ Hardcore”. Keep your ears open.


Shawn studied music at the Atlanta Institute of Music from which he graduated with honors in 1994.  During this time he played with death metal band, Gothic Outcasts and in a 80s metal cover band.  In 1994, Shawn joined Cauldron Born, an Atlanta based progressive power metal band which released 3 albums on an Italian record label and played metal festivals across the US.   Shawn met guitarist, Rusty Cooley through a local Atlanta musicians wanted ad in 2003.  He started playing with Rusty Cooley working on his instrumental material.  Cooley eventually moved to Houston, TX and reformed Outworld. In 2004, Shawn relocated to the Houston area to join Outworld and record their debut cd.   Some notable shows Outworld has played are the Summer NAMM show, ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta, and Texas Madfest. Outworld entered an international contest called Famecast in Aug 2007 which they won first place in all 5 rounds in the Metal category and won $10,000. After Outworld parted ways Shawn joined the progressive metal band Eumeria in 2009. Most recently Shawn has played in the local Houston bands Silenced Within and blues/rock band, Staci’s Edge.  His musical influences range from rock, jazz, funk, classical, and traditional/progressive metal.

Music Credits / Discography:
  • Cauldron Born -  Born of the Cauldron – 1997 Underground Symphony
  • Cauldron Born – God of Metal – 1998 Underground Symphony
  • Cauldron Born – And Rome Shall Fall – 2002 Underground Symphony
  • Outworld – Outworld – 2006 Replica Records
  • Outworld – Promo EP – 2008
  • Eumeria – Rebel Mind – 2011
  • Caudron Born – Swords and Sorcery Heavy Metal – 2014 Iron On Iron Records
  • Staci Butler – Lien on Your Soul – 2014


Marilyn - Interlochen alum, graduated from the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in 2005, Music Therapy major and principal cellist at SHSU graduating in 2010, Performed with headliner on Latin Grammy's at the Toyota Center in Houston, Performed Schumann Cello concerto in A Minor with SHSU Symphony Orchestra, Traveled to China touring with SHSU Symphony Orchestra where she played exchange concerts at Chinese Conservatories in Bei-Jing, Xi'an, and Shanghai. Also plays piano and guitar.... And she's been thrown out of an Applebee's or two...


Lead guitarist Esq. Starting out playing cover music in the Colorado bar scene, Eric relocated to TX in 1989 and was a founding member of the melodic metal band Z-Lot-Z. The popular regional band released 3 albums in the 90’s on Molten Metal records, which were distributed internationally. In 2001, Eric joined power metallers Destiny’s End (Metal Blade), fronted by singer James Rivera, and toured the US and Europe. After the band’s demise, Eric joined a re-formed line up of Helstar with Rivera and toured world-wide from 2002-2007, playing several high profile festivals in Europe. During this time, Eric and Rivera released the s/t Distant Thunder CD on Massacre records. Helstar reformed in 2007 with original members, and Eric moved on Leatherwolf, based in Los Angeles - recording and touring on the World Asylum CD (Massacre) in 2008. Upon leaving Leatherwolf, Eric formed the prog-metal band Krucible with Nightmare Records owner/vocalist Lance King, although the band didn’t release any CDs before disbanding. Eric has also been in a variety of cover and tribute bands over the years. His Queensryche tribute band, Mindcrime, with singer Chris Salinas (ex-Zero Hour, Power of Omens) regularly plays the Texas region and has appeared at ProgPower USA. He also plays in the tribute band Sabbath Judas Sabbath with members of Helstar. Eric currently has his sights set on creating new music with The Hectic, with plans for regional live shows and an upcoming new CD.

Music Credits / Discography:
  • Z-Lot-Z - '92 (1992)
  • Z-Lot-Z - Tearing At Your Mind (Molten Metal, 1995)
  • Z-Lot-Z - Soul Existence (Molten Metal, 1999)
  • Distant Thunder - Welcome The End (Massacre, 2004)
  • Leatherwolf - World Asylum (Massacre, 2006)


Ahead of the curve

Ken Pride: drummer. Music lover. Ken was a founding member of speed metal band Aggressor in the 80's, groove metal band Cannabis Culture in the 90's, and alt metal band The Hectic in the 2000's. An open mind and a good ear has kept Ken on the front lines of rock and metal's evolving sound.

Ken strives to innovate. Every musician admires the masters who inspired them to play and influenced their music. Ken reveres the innovators. Those who shattered the current trends and altered the face of music forever: Peter Criss/KISS, Bill Ward/Black Sabbath, Neil Peart/Rush, John Bonham/Led Zeppelin,Clive Burr/Iron Maiden,Dave Lombardo/Slayer, and Vinnie Paul/Pantera

Never one to believe just one type or time in music is the "only REAL music" Ken is a huge fan of "new" music as it happens, especially those who stretch the boundaries like KORN, Slipknot, System of a Down, and Anew Revolution.

Originality and innovation are the cornerstones of Ken's drum sound and drum set. His notorious North kit is a rare, antique drum set mingled with modern technology. A kit (one of less than 100 of it's type) invented in '68, triggered with D Drum triggers and a Roland brain. A perfect metaphor for Ken's style and influences, blending the past, present, and future in a most original way.

Credits include:
  • Aggressor "By any Means Necessary" 
  • Cannabis Culture "New Breed"
  • The Hectic "Reborn" 2004
  • The Hectic "Self Titled" 2010
  • Honored to share the stage with KORN, Death, Nevermore, Overkill, Metal Church, Megadeth, Dead Horse, Fear Factory, UFO, Sacred Reich, and Toby Schillaci who spoke fluent guitar and left us all way too early
  • Words to live by: "Shut up and jam"


When you grow up in Plantersville you either find a hobby or get one of your cousin's pregnant . Matt said "my cousins were butt ugly, so I picked up the guitar" . At the age of 10 when his friends were listening to Nickelback, Matt was working out riffs by, guitar legends,Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix. A couple of years later he discovered Pantera and Slayer and then it was all METAL all the time.  He might still be stranded in the woods of East Texas if not for a chance sighting by a member of The Hectic.  He was jamming at a house party and it was obvious that this kid was destined for greatness!  He's a gifted young guitarist, with an old school metal soul, who played 100 live shows before his first legal beer.


Industrial alt metal band frontman, singer/songwriter, lyricist, guitarist, artist, actor, inventor, businessman, family man, and - the best is yet to come.  Ronnie was the lone guitarist of four original members at the inception of The Hectic. Drummer, doppelganger and evil twin cohort Ken Pride, convinced him there was a lead singer lurking behind that Jerry Cantrell signature model guitar strap and lo and behold, there was. Fast forward to Circa Now and in usual RT overachiever fashion, accomplished frontman is another hat to add to his already impressive collection.  One thing you can know for sure about this multi-talented multitasker with multiple personalities; he will adapt to and master the environment he dwells in.

Credits / Music:
The Hectic

  • The Hectic 2005 "Reborn" EP / Vocals
  • Houston Band Coalition Compilation (2006) "Rise Above" / Vocals
  • "The Hectic" 2010 (Self-titled) / Lead Vocals / Guitars

Solo Artist

Credits / Film:

  • Appeared as "Bar Tender" in "The Toy Box", movie / Doubt the Reality Films
  • Appeared as "Evil Nazi Villian" in "Wonder Woman", movie trailer / Doubt the Reality Films


Chris Harkness
(Houston Music Business Guru/Legend)
"...After decades in the business I don't get excited about many bands but I'm excited about The Hectic...I have done many shows in the past with industrial and metal touring bands including NIN, Ministry, Pantera, and Marilyn Manson, I would put The Hectic up with any of them - the show was that impressive...In my humble opinion, The Hectic is one of the most exciting new bands to come out of Houston since ZZ Top emerged in 1969."

Rhonda Merideth
(Houston Music Review - The Examiner)

"WARNING. This article contains a dose of Texas Industrial Alt-Metal...or The Hectic for short...
The crowd was skeptical...at first. In fact, everyone was asking the same question "What is going on here?".

When band member DJ Hard Core came onstage at The Scout Bar last Saturday night with a green laser shooting out from the side of his head that pointed above the audience and scanned the room, there wasn't a sound. A hush of wonderment and slight smiles of expectation were on each face. Yeah, they knew they were about to get a show.

Then came the eruption from behind the drums that told our hearts when to beat. Drummer Ken Pride was pounding his custom double kicks as Ronnie Tinsley, The Hectic's confident frontman, unleashed his powerful vocals. The crowd was instantly up on their feet. Fists were raised into the air as guitarists Chris Owen and Kevin Reed, and bassist Danny Acker provided a rock solid back up to Tinsley's vocals.

In that "Automatic Freedom", a roomful of The Hectic fans were born.

The Hectic are self described as "Texas Industrial Alt-Metal". Let's just say a cross between Nine Inch Nails and Pantera with a little Slipknot for good measure. While The Hectic is considered comparable to those national bands, they are truly in a league of their own in the Houston music scene.

This band puts on an incredible show and you are left when it is done wishing it wasn't over..."

Chris Baldauf 

(Exerpt from the Houston Chronicle - Handstamp Review of HBC CD Compilation Featuring "Rise Above" - By The Hectic)

"...The album's strongest track, Rise by the Hectic, jumps out with shrill Motorhead style riffs, but swerves immediately to something even darker and more menacing, sounding like Pantera wrestling Linkin Park. The engaging and varied production keeps you wondering where exactly the song is going to go, and on an album where everything tends to bleed into everything else, this seems an almost magical feat..."

Andrew Perkins | Space City Rocks Contributing Writer
(Review of HBC CD Compilation Featuring "Rise Above" - By The Hectic)

"...Hectic's Rise is harder than the previous bands, less nü-metal and more hardcore, with a wicked double-vocal attack that actually doesn't sound like a gimmick..."


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