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  1. Away From Light

From the recording The Hectic

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Away From Light

This song is for the people in the front row with nothing but black eyes on. You know who you are...

Gothic black eyes that you love. They show who you really are. Your bad mood makes life easy. At least I hope that you are.

{Away from light.
Return me back tonight.
Away from light.
Falling down feels so right.}

Found an open window to your room. So safe so warm inside. No light, no way left for me to see. What it feels to be a part of you. {Chorus}

Soft skin with no sign of baring something heavy just to cover your face up. Been away for one day its killing me without your presence always pulling me in. {Chorus}

Cry out like my name is killing you.

“Tattooed in misery you’re leavin’ me.” I’d rather say that than “you’re turning me on”. Oh my God, down is where you keep yourself. So down is where I want you to go. {Chorus}

Away, you run away from. Away you run away from. Away, you run away from. Away from light. {Chorus}

Run away from light. Run away from light. Run away from light. Run away from light.

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