1. December

From the recordings Reborn (2004 EP) and The Hectic

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“I don’t know.” says my confidence. It’s getting hard but I do resist. The things in life that come as close to me as this. They are meant to hide and that makes no sense.

The summer comes and goes. The sun falls down. Spending autumns eve with the leaves on the ground. And I’m beside myself without yourself around. Now I hear you’re gone as you slip away.

{Someone needs to be sure.
Someone will deliver.
I’ve locked all these doors.
That keep you outside.
You won’t feel anymore.
Maybe you’ll remember.
I’ll see you this year.
At the end of December.}

And I can’t face what’s so easy to leave when only my conscience is left to deceive. You stare a hole through this place inside of me sitting all alone with your hollow eyes. {Chorus}